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DHPI-R Community of Practice

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Technology is increasingly used to enhance management practices in the health sector. These include but are not limited to information systems, procurement systems and payment systems. To stimulate and accelerate shared learning around the utility and best practices of these technology driven innovations, the center for digital health and innovation proposes a Community of Practice (CoP).

What is the CoP?

Community of Practice

This CoP virtually congregates a group of people who share concerns, interests, or passion for digital payments in health and would like to learn how to do it better by interacting regularly with people undertaking similar pursuits. The CoP provides a forum for information exchange, sustained interaction, content curation, and professional networking which  facilitates shared learning on processes, experiences and evidence on digitized payments of health workers of immunization programs/campaigns in selected Anglophone and Francophone countries.

Through sharing within this community of practice we hope to enhance and inform national, regional and global efforts to digitize payments for health workers by fostering and supporting evidence-based and evidence-driven decision making in Sub Saharan Africa.

CoP Goals and Objectives


  • Facilitate information exchange by connecting health workers, managers, providers and funders of digital payments across the nation and internationally.
  • Promote, advance, and support digital payments learning mapping/monitoring efforts.
  • Be interactive, collaborative, and available.


  • Promote coordination by sharing information on current or planned research activities.
  • Encourage the use of appropriate implementation and monitoring approaches, including strengths, limitations, innovations, unintended consequences etc.
  • Collate and generate evidence on best practices on digital payments

The Structure

Digital Health Payment Initiatives & Research in Africa

The Digital Payments CoP is coordinated by a steering committee drawn from individuals from academia, and private organizations. The CoP will focus on three topical areas.

  • Mapping — Mapping experiences in digital payments in health
  • Curating – synthesizing and evaluating good practices, innovative approaches
  • Networking- Packaging, sharing evidence and linking with like minded colleagues.

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Be part of continental discussions, innovations, projects, idea sharing & collaboration around digital health payment initiatives and research around Africa. You'll take advantage of the various opportunities that are already occuring in this field..