DHPI-R participates in the 18th Annual MUEHSA Scientific Conference

MUESA Conference 

DHPI-R was delighted to present an abstract on its work at the 18th Annual MUEHSA Scientific Conference, themed 'Environmental Health and its Contribution to Combating Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases.' This event provided us with an opportunity to showcase our commitment to enhancing healthcare through digital solutions.

The conference rode on two compelling objectives that

  1. To critically discuss how environmental health contributes to combating emerging and re-emerging diseases.
  2. To foster the exchange of knowledge, evidence, and best practices in the realm of environmental health systems.

During the conference, our esteemed colleague, Dr. Juliet Aweko, the Senior Project coordinator took the stage to present on the impactful work being spearheaded by DHPI-R.

The presentation delved into our innovative approach to improving immunization campaigns and fortifying health systems through the integration of digital payments. The transformative potential of digital solutions in healthcare was at the heart of her discussion.

As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology, we were deeply honored to be part of an event that emphasizes the vital role of environmental health in disease combatting and showcases the transformative power of digital payments.


SENEGAL CONFERENCE DHPI-R's Engagement at the 19th Medical, Pharmaceutical, Odontological, and Veterinary Days Conference

Dr. Zahra fatomata Mboup the DHPI-R project Coordinator during the 19th Medical, Pharmaceutical, Odontological, and Veterinary Days conference
Dr. Zahra Mboup the Francophone Research coordinator during the 19th Medical, Pharmaceutical, Odontological, and Veterinary Days conference

Our Francophone hub project team actively participated in a conference hosted by the Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Odonto-stomatology (FMPO).

The event was held under the compelling theme of "XIX èmes Journées Médicales, Pharmaceutiques, Odontologiques et Vétérinaires"—translated as the 19th Medical, Pharmaceutical, Odontological, and Veterinary Days.

The conference's scientific program encompassed a broad spectrum of pertinent topics in the realm of medicine. With an emphasis on the latest research, trends, and priorities in the field, the discussions also delved into the post-COVID-19 landscape of healthcare. This intersection of knowledge was a testament to the conference's commitment to shaping the future of healthcare.

Our team's participation made a notable mark during the conference. We had the privilege of presenting the core objectives of the DHPI-R project along with the diverse array of results achieved since its inception. This presentation encapsulated the essence of our mission and underscored the strides we've made in advancing healthcare through digital payments.

Our presence at the conference was not only highlighted through presentations but also through our physical presence. A dedicated stand showcased our project, supplemented by engaging flyers, and informative posters. The provision of brochures further enriched the experience for attendees, offering them valuable insights into the DHPI-R project's impact.

Over the span of just three days, our project garnered immense interest, registering hundreds of new members on the DHPI site. This engagement attested to the conference's effectiveness as a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Our Francophone hub team's contribution stood as a beacon of our commitment to revolutionizing healthcare through digital advancements.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, the widespread acceptance of digital payments, both by governments and the healthcare workers, presents a unique opening for its progression. Governments have successfully cultivated an environment conducive to digital payment growth, although these policies have yet to be tailored to the healthcare sector's specific needs.


The 11th Annual African Evidence Summit

DHPI-R's Poster Presentation at African Evidence Summit 2023


On June 19th, a significant milestone was achieved as the Digital Health Payment Initiative and Research in Africa project (DHPI-R), a Gates-funded initiative, proudly left its mark at the 11th Annual African Evidence Summit 2023, held in Nairobi, Kenya. Representing DHPI-R at this prestigious event was Dr. Juliet Aweko, the esteemed Senior Research Coordinator.

Under the theme "Bolstering African Scholarship to Advance the Impact of Evidence," DHPI-R, a Gates-funded project, stood alongside scholars from diverse backgrounds, united in their commitment to elevate the influence of evidence-based research. Amid this distinguished assembly, DHPI-R was able to do a compelling poster presentation titled, "The Role of Digital Financial Services in Advancing Immunization Campaigns: Lessons from the DHPI-R Project."

This poster summarized an innovative initiative that delves into the reciprocal relationship between digital financial services and healthcare advancement, particularly in the context of immunization campaigns. This intersection of technology, healthcare, and research embodies the project's code and underscores its potential to reshape conventional paradigms.

The African Evidence Summit 2023 was more than a gathering; it was a convergence of East and West African scholars, Center for Global Action fellows, U.S.-based faculty, policymakers, and practitioners. This annual in-person summit facilitated rigorous discussions on the latest research findings concerning economic development and poverty alleviation across the continent.

Notably, the summit transcended its role as a platform for scholarly exchange. It championed the integration of evidence into decision-making processes, amplifying African scholars' voices, and fostering collaborations that traverse geographical boundaries.

As a project that thrives on impact, DHPI-R rejoiced in the connections forged, discussions ignited, and ideas exchanged during this monumental gathering. The summit wasn't just a culmination; it marked the beginning of synergies that hold the promise of reshaping healthcare and research in Africa.


By Judith Grace Amoit.