Prof Peter Waiswa
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Project Director (DHPI-R)

Our goal is to identify how, and under what circumstances digital worker payments can support effective campaign delivery.

Addressing the critical need for evidence in the realm of digital payments for campaign health workers, including the specific case of polio workers is one of our key focus areas.

We understand the challenges frontline health workers face in receiving timely and secure payments, particularly when traditional banking services are limited. Therefore, our project is strategically positioned to generate evidence that will best suit meeting these needs and develop a better digital payment system.

Recognizing the value of health workers as a vital component of health system strengthening, I believe that digital payments present a unique opportunity to enhance the efficiency and timeliness of health workforce payments, thereby contributing to overall health system improvement. In line with this belief, we received generous funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), allowing us to establish a research initiative that is a collaboration between Makerere University School of Public Health in Uganda and the University of Dakar in Senegal.

Our collective focus is to generate the evidence necessary to effectively support the implementation of digital payments in the health sector, with a specific focus on immunization and other health campaigns, including the case of polio.

We are fortunate to operate in regions with well-established financial infrastructure, particularly in terms of ubiquitous mobile money. This advantage, combined with our collaborations with regions likely to host vaccine campaigns, further strengthens our position to develop a robust digital payment system for health workers. In the case of polio workers, we have witnessed the successful implementation of a mobile money system in several countries, resulting in improved payment turnaround times.

In pursuing our goal, we aim to provide strategic funding for research that meets the evidence demands of health partners actively seeking digital payment solutions. Through our research , we strive to raise awareness and promote the importance of digital payments as a critical strategy for strengthening health systems, emphasizing its potential to improve the timeliness and efficiency of health workforce payments.

Through our community of practice, we can share best practices and lessons learned in health worker digital payments in Africa.

We are tremendously excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and the transformative impact we can achieve together. Through our collective efforts, we aspire to drive meaningful change in the field of digital payments for health workers and contribute to the advancement of healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa.

Let us shape a future where digital payments empower and elevate the healthcare sector while continuing to invest in the fight against polio and other important public health initiatives.

Prof. Peter Waiswa
Project Director (DHPI-R)